Thursday, September 18, 2014

Botanical Fabric, Pumpkin Cross Stitch and Swan House

My latest Spoonflower fabric sample called Garden Flowers and Bees drawn in black ink with watercolor.  A nice bright botanical style fabric.

I've been retaking photos of some of my designs to see what I can come up with.  This one is one of my first designs called Autumn Tidbits.  It comes with another little pattern of sunflowers.  A nice set for autumn.  You can click on the highlighted link to see the pattern in my Artfire shop.

This is the Swan House at the Atlanta History Museum.  I loved the staircase and the large flowing fountains in the front of the house.  It looked like a mansion to me, but they called it a house there.  I loved touring the rooms.  The maid had a very nice room upstairs, which I thought was interesting she got to live upstairs.  Rather than the upstairs/downstairs arrangement some of them have.   

The bathroom/wardrobe/dressing room area was lovely with lots of mirrors and adornments on the walls.  Regal purple colors and huge in size.   Loved it.  Hope you have a good weekend.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pumpkin Cross Stitch, Apples and Balloons

It's about time for pumpkins!  This little pumpkin cross stitch design is festive and works up quickly.  It would be cute as an ornament!  It's called Pumpkin Square and can be found

Another pumpkin cross stitch design called "Autumn Pumpkin"  It works up quickly and has a nice autumn colorway with burgundy and mauve colors to compliment the pumpkin.  

Some fall harvest Spoonflower samples with fruits and flowers.

These are from my Farmer's Market collection that has all sorts of watercolor fabrics with fresh veggies and fruits in bright summer colors.  This fabric is called

The Reno Balloon Races last weekend.  We arrived at Rancho San Rafael Park a little after six and it was already very crowded with balloon watchers.   And cold!  We forgot jackets.  Right as the sun started to rise the balloons began to inflate and take off.  Lots of colors.  In all the years I've lived in Nevada this is the first time I've seen them.  I am really happy I went.  

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kitchen Herb Embroidered Mug Rugs and Watercolor Dots Fabric

I finished my kitchen herb embroidery patterns over the Labor Day weekend and made a set of mug rugs out of them.  They're a fun quick project that look nice in the kitchen.  I like growing herbs in my garden.  They aren't fussy and when I go out to weed I brush up against the plants and they smell so nice.  You can find the pattern in my shop links along the sidebar or click here for my Artfire shop      

The latest release in my shipment of Spoonflower fabrics is my Rainbow Dots Fabric that has colorful dots painted in watercolor.  Would be cute for children's items, clothing or room décor items!   

I wanted to share a few more photos from Atlanta.  These are from the High Museum of Art and they were my absolute favorite of the whole museum.   

I took photos of most of the marble statues.  Such glorious, fine work.  I read where sculpting wasn't popular in the US at first when statues started to become popular and the artists who were interested in learning how to do it had to go to Europe for instruction.

I loved the lighting on this one and her delicate expression and appreciation of what she is holding.  Lovely.  Hope you have a good weekend.


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